WPF Line Charts


If you've ever tried to build a line chart in WPF you may have been disappointed. I know I have.. At least at the time of writing this there is no native support for charting in WPF and my attempts to build my own control for this purpose have let me through great pains.

Charles Petzold wrote an article for MSDN Magazine in the January 2010 issue titled Line Charts with Data Templates in which he gives an overview of one approach which is quite elegant and very WPF-y but which fails to scale.

Petzold's approach works well for small and static charts. But if you need a dynamic chart - one that changes frequently at run time you are in trouble. Imagine having to plot tens of thousands of points that change in near real-time..

In case you are interested in a solution for other types of charts, Charles Petzold also wrote another article for MSDN Magazine on the subject:

Charting with Data Templates

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