Useful Websites for Graphic Design

Category: Misc

The following is a list of some of the most useful web resources for graphic design that I know of. This is by no means a comprehensive list or objective ranking but merely a reflection of some of the resources available out there that I know of.

The list contains a few websites that specialize in finding icons, others that are targeted towards pictures and larger resolutions images, and a few that are specialized resources for picking colors or other graphic design activities


A repository of icons with various license agreements ranging from Creative Commons to GNU License.


Another repository of icons. Runs pretty slow.

ColorScheme Designer

One of the best color mixing tools available online.

Stock Exchange

A repository of stock photographs and illustrations, tutorials and user-curated collections of images.

RGB Stock  -

Another repository of stock photos available with no charge. It features a useful set of: most viewed, most downloaded and most liked phots.

Blue Vertigo

Blue Vertigo is a portal-style web site with links to other stock photo sites as well as tutorials and other resources useful for designers. It also features textures, video footage, fonts, icons, and sounds & music.

Color Hexa

Email CSS Guides

Campaign Monitor's "Will it Work" comparison of features across different browsers:

How to Code HTML Emails:

Photo-editing as a service: